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Habenit® 48


Product Type Packaging
Habenit 48 Comp. A, resin 3,3 kg cans
  Comp. B, hardener 1,0 kg cans
  Comp. C, E-powder 15 kg sacks

Quantity required:

Approx. 6,5 kg/m2 - thickness 4 mm.
Covering capacity is based upon theoretical calculations and does not include spillage.

Product description:

Habenit 48 is an epoxy based adhesive and consists of three components: resin, hardener and filler. Mix the components on the building site just before application. The compound will cure through reaction between resin and hardener.

Technical data:

Density 1600 kg/m3
Tensile strength Appr. 25 MPa (Appr. 250 kp/cm2)
Compressive strength Appr. 55 MPa (Appr. 550 kp/cm2)
E-modulus Appr. 11 GPa (Appr. 1,1 x 105 kp/cm2)
Adhesion to ceramics Appr. 10 MPa (Appr. 100 kp/cm2)
Adhesion to concrete* Appr. 5 MPa (Appr. 50 kp/cm2)

* The concrete failure.

Chemical resistance:

The chemical resistance of acid-resistant mortars is specified in "CC Höganäs Building Mortars, Acid-resistant mortars, survey, product data".


Habenit 48 is recommended for floors exposed to strong mechanical and chemical stress. Examples of applications are production areas in chemical industries, food industries, catering etc.
Habenit 48 is used as an adhesive for ceramic tiles on floors. The base may be concrete, light-weight concrete, chipboard or metal.


The concrete floor should have the flatness equal to the finished surface. Falls should be prepared in the sub-floor.
The concrete should be dry and free from laitance, grease, loose particles, dust etc. For repairs to small areas a slight moisture content in the concrete can be accepted, but the surface must be free from visible water.

Preparation and application:

The components should be mixed in a mixing machine. Start with mixing resin and hardener thoroughly and add E-powder gradually.
The mixing should continue for at least 3 minutes.
The quantity of E-powder may be varied ±0,2 kg, so that the compound can be worked easily at different temperatures. The temperature should be +15° C - +25° C. At lower temperatures the compound will be too viscous.
Habenit 48 is applied with a steel spatula to form a uniform layer of 4 mm. Tiles should be laid within 30 minutes after the application of the compound.
The tiles are laid in the adhesive with a slight pressure. The evenness of the surface of each newly laid section should be carefully checked with a gauge float and adjusted if necessary.

Cleaning of tools and mixing vessels:

Tools and mixing vessels must be cleaned frequently.
Use lukewarm water for cleaning.

Storage and transport:

Habenit 48 shall be stored under dry, not too warm, and frost-free premises in well sealed packages. Storage time is approx. 1 year.

Safety precautions:

Good ventilation at the work place must be ensured. Protective plastic gloves should be used. Soiled working clothes should be changed. Repeated skin contact with epoxy products can result in hypersensitivity and eczema. Mortar on the skin should be washed off with soap. Strict hygienic precautions should be observed. This product is hazardous if ingested and should be kept out of reach of children. Instructions on the package should not be removed, obliterated or otherwise rendered illegible.

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