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Habenit® ARX


Product Type Packaging Colour
Habenit ARX * Solution 200 kg
20 kg
Habenit ARX * Powder 6,5 kg
25 kg

* Production after order only.

Material consumption: Setting

Consumption kg/m2 The consumption figures are valid for a compound
thickness of 5 mm, exclusive of spillage.
Solution Powder
2,0 8,0

Material consumption: Grouting

Size, mm Consumption kg/m2 The consumption figures are valid for
6 mm wide joints, exclusive of spillage.
  Solution Powder
95x195x12 0,30 1,40
105x215x12 0,31 1,24
105x215x15 0,40 1,60
105x215x19 0,52 2,08
150x150x12 0,36 1,44
150x150x19 0,50 2,00
150x150x21 0,56 2,24

Product description:

Habenit ARX is a furan-based, acid resistant tiling and grouting compound which resists attack by most nonoxidizing acids, alkalis and salt solutions, most solvents and greases. Habenit ARX is prepared from two components: a solution and a powder which includes a catalyst. Habenit ARX is cold hardening with a bonding time of 3-5 hours at +20° C. The lowest permissible working temperatures is +10° C.

Technical data:

Density 1900 kg/m3
Modulus of elasticity Appr. 19 GPa (Appr. 190 000 kp/cm2)
Tensile strength Appr. 7,5MPa (Appr. 75 kp/cm2)
Strength in bending Appr. 17,5 MPa (Appr. 175 kp/cm2)
Compressive strength Appr. 78 MPa (Appr. 800 kp/cm2)
Adhesion to ceramics Appr. 5 MPa (Appr. 50 kp/cm2)
Maximum permissible temp. +170° C

Chemical resistance:

The chemical resistance of acid-resistant mortars is specified in "CC HÜganäs, Building Mortars, Acid-resistant mortars, survey, product data."

Fields of application:

Habenit ARX is used as an acid resistant compound for tiling and grouting. Habenit ARX is recommended where there are large variations in the actions by acids and alkalis at high temperatures, or where there is frequent spillage of solvents.
Note: Habenit ARX cures with an acid reaction and therefor may not be used directly on steel plate or concrete.


The compound is prepared by mixing 1 kg solution with 3,8-4,0 kg powder. The powder is added while stirring the solution. Mixing should be carried out until the compaund is homogeneous. The compound should be mixed with a mixing machine or a low-speed drilll with a spiral agitator. The compound should be applied within 20 minutes after mixing.


The underlying and the joint surfaces must be dry and free from loose particles, oil and grease. The condition and smoothness of the underlying surface should be noted. If it is not satisfactory, it should be repaired. A pressure gun should be used for grouting large surfaces. It may be easier to use a trowel for grouting smaller areas. Trowel grouting is slower and the tiles must be cleaned when the grouting is done.
Floors are grouted in the longitudinal direction of the tiles and the joints are overfilled by 3-4 mm. If the overfill is removed (with a trowel or piece of sheet metal) within 15 minutes, it can be reused. The overfill should be removed in the same direction as it was applied, starting at the same point. Expansion joints in the floor should be protected during grouting by being filled with stips of porous fibreboard or the like.
Tiles set in concrete should not be jointed during the first week after they have been set. Tiles set in resin-based mortar may be jointed about 24 hours after placing. Check before grouting that the temperature of the tiles and the compound is at least + 15° C.


Tools and mixing bowl should be cleaned in acetone before the compound sets. Uncured compound on brick or tile can be removed with acetone within 30 minutes after application.

Storage and transport:

The packages should be stored in a dry and cool but frostfree place. The shelf life is approx. 1 year when properly stored.

Safety precautions:

Habenit ARX solution consists of furan resin, and it is harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swalloved. May cause irritating on respiratory system, skin and eyes.
Good ventilation should be provided when mixing and applying the product. Forced ventilation is generally necessary. Open flames may not be brought near the place of work.
Detailed precautionary measures are shown on the packages.

Please note:

Compared to most furane resin based mortars Habenit ARX is classified as non-poisonous.

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