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Habenit® 50 ; Habenit® 53


Product Packaging Colour
Habenit 50 4,2 kg + 0,8 kg, tin cans Light grey
Habenit 53 0,3 litre, cartridge Light grey

Quantity required:

Habenit 50
Joint dim. mm
Quantity, kg/m1 Habenit 53
Joint dim., mm
Quantity, Litre/m1
15x12 0,30 5x5 0,03
15x14 0,35 5x10 0,06
15x20 0,40 5x15 0,09

Excl. spillage.

Product description:

Habenit 50 is a thixotropic polyurethane-based jointing compound for joints with limited movement in ceramic flooring. The hardness of the final joint is adjusted so that movements that can occur in the flooring can be absorbed. The elasticity of the compound is suitable for the traffic loads encountered in industrial premises and similar places. For optimum adhesion to porous surfaces (ceramic, concrete etc.), edges of the joints should be primed with CC HÜganäs Primer 37. Habenit 50 jointing compound has a high resistance to attack from acids and alkalis.
The smooth surface of the joints is easy to keep clean. Habenit 50 is supplied in two-part package, part A (paste) and part B (hardener).
Habenit 53 is a polyurethane-based, thixotropic, 1-part joining compound which cures by air humidity. The compound has after cure a very good elasticity and tear strength. Habenit 53 can take larger joint movement than Habenit 50, but has a lower resistance to chemicals.

Technical data Habenit 50:

Density 1400 kg/m3
Lowest application temp. +15° C
Highest application temp. +30° C
Tackfree 24 hours at +20° C
Full cure 7 days
Hardness Appr. 65° Shore A
Max. joint movement Appr. 10% of joint width (depend
on joint dimension)
Temp. resistance Max. +60° C
Tensile strength Appr. 3,5 MPa (Appr. 35 kp/cm2)
Adhesion to ceramics** Appr. 2,5 MPa (Appr. 25 kp/cm2)

** Adhesion to dry or primed surface.

Chemical resistance:

The chemical resistance of acid-resistant mortars is specified in "CC HÜganäs Building Mortars, Acid-resistant mortars, survey, product data".
Habenit 53 is resistant against water and moisture, but against oil and gasoline only for limited periods. It is not resistant against organic solvents or higher concentrations of acids and alkalies.

Technical data Habenit 53:

Density 1300 kg/m3
Lowest application temp. +10° C
Highest application temp. +35° C
Tackfree Appr. 45 min. (at +20° C)
Cure 2-3 mm after 24 hours
Hardness Appr. 40° Shore A
Max. joint movement Appr. ±15% of joint width
Temp. resistance -30° C and +70° C
Aging resistance Very good


Habenit 50 is intended for joints with small movements in ceramic floors, which are subjected to mechanical-, thermal- or chemical influence.
Habenit 53 shall be used in joints in walls or floor with larger movements, but where the chemical attack is restricted to diluted acids and alkalies and normallly used cleaning agents. Not recommended for highly loaded industrial floors or swimming pools.

Joint dimensions:

At the construction state the joint width should be designed in relation to the expected joint movement. The calculated movement must not exceed the max. tolerated % movement based on the joint width. Design the width and the distance between the joints accordingly. Use a round section, closed cell, foam profile in bottom of the joint if the depth allows (dilatation joints). For very wide joints, with high mechanical loads, a polyethylene hose can be used in bottom of joint to support load.

Surface, preparation:

All surfaces must be dry and clean and free from oil, fat dust and loose particles. For Habenit 50, priming with CC HÜganäs Primer 37 is recommended to increase adhesion on porous surfaces (see instruction on package).

Grouting and cleaning:

Habenit 50 is applied by a sealant gun or spatula. Detailed instructions are given on the package. Spillage is removed from the tiles before cure. Tools can be cleaned by acetone.
Habenit 53 is applied directly from the cartidge with a hand- or air gun. Protect both sides of the joint with tape. The joint is filled with some excess and smoothed with a spatula or wooden tooling stick, moistened with soap solution. NOTE: tooling must be done directly after application as Habenit 53 cures fast. Remove ev. spillage on the tiles with acetone and remove the tape. Clean tools with acetone.

Storage and transport:

Habenit 50 and Habenit 53 are to be stored in a dry and frostfree place. The material should be used within 12 months the date of manufacture stated on the packaging.

Safety precautions:

Harmful by inhalation and in contact with skin. May cause allergy. Need adequate ventilation. Wear plastic gloves and barrier cream. Emit toxic fumes when heated. Strict hygienic precautions should be observed. Never clean working tools by burning.

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